About Us

Kendra Enterprises has, since 2000, through it’s Kendra Civil Engineering Ltd subsidiary, been successfully delivering infrastructural projects in Power, Water, Telecommunications, Broadband, Drainage and Commercial Building in both challenging urban environments and sensitive rural landscapes whilst at the same time being committed to its Safety at Work culture in the workplace which is of paramount importance.

Project Management

Whilst delivering these projects in challenging environments, we are conscious at all times of minimising disruption to all other stakeholders who are impacted by our ongoing and necessary works for these public utilities providers.

We have particular skills in the management, co-ordination and delivery of projects in a safe manner and we have been active in the development of innovative techniques and viable value engineering solutions in order to minimise the impact of our operations on the wider environment.

New Homes And Extensions

Our Kendra Developments Ltd subsidiary, successfully builds architecturally-inspired new homes and extensions to exacting standards using up to date innovative technologies and products.

Our aim is to build economically in an energy-efficient manner to create sustainable building solutions. We work collaboratively with our Clients to assist in enabling them to realise their vision.

We recognise that the ongoing training and development of our management and operatives is essential for consistency and excellence in delivering projects thus assisting our business to prosper.