Kendra Developments

Kendra Developments Ltd is the dedicated building construction arm of the company. This division has extensive experience in the residential and commercial fields through it’s staff from management to its skilled tradesmen.

How Do We Make It Happen?

A unique feature, especially in todays expanding market, is that most of the typical construction functions such as ground works, super structure (blockwork and steel erection), framing, electrical, plastering and carpentry are all performed by qualified in-house employees. This gives us greater control over work quality, scheduling, training and health and safety. It also allows us greater flexibility to deal with and recover from the inevitable “blips” that are part of the complex construction process. We reinforce this with our extensive fleet of plant, equipment and vehicles ensuring total control over all the vital stages of the building works. For specialty items we team up with our industry partners that we’ve worked with for many years.

Residential Renovations

In the residential market clients begin feeling that time and budget are the most critical factors. However, as they go through the process they realise that the details are what really matter to them. Very often this is a one-off experience and as such they will only have one chance to get it right. The whole process is a journey of constant new discoveries. We work closely with our clients to help them realise their vision. This is achieved through our vast in-house staff experience, our extensive network of specialty contractors and professional experts. Clients give us their house to extend and renovate but they want us to give them back their home.

Commercial Works

The overriding factor in commercial works is completion, because that is when our clients can start to make money and ultimately that is their number one goal. We remain in tune with this throughout our projects and take pride in meeting those key deadlines. However, we are happy to work with our customers on design changes that often only become apparent to them as the visual build takes shape.

New Builds

We have experience in both the residential and commercial markets in this area. Projects have been both client driven and our own developments. We’ve delivered quality projects for our clients while our own developments have focused on an excellent end product that offers real value for money for potential buyers.